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Children & Adolescents
Aged Care
Women's Health
Men's Health
Sports Injuries & Management
Heart & Lung Health
Safe Exercise
Nutrition & Dietary Recommendations
Mental Health
Speech Problems
Swallowing Disorders

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Aged Care

  •  Ways to prevent falls
  •  Regaining and maintaining speech
  •  Healthy Eating and Nutrition
  •  Recovering properly after a fracture
  •  Checking blood flow and nerve function to feet
  •  Communicating with a hearing impairment
  •  Swallowing difficulties
  •  Exercise & Strategies for Neurological disorders
  •  Footwear Advice
  •  Mobility Assessment and Assistance
  •  Assistance with General Footcare
  •  Leg and foot ulcer/wound care
  •  Strategies to help with management of pain 
  •  Counselling for Depression and Anxiety
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

  •  Communicating with a hearing impairment
  •  Verbal communication & literacy skills
  •  Counselling for Depression and Anxiety
  •  Healthy Eating
  •  Exercise Advice and Programs
  •  Nutrition and Early Stages of Renal Failure
  •  Lifestyle Education
  •  Women’s health Issues
  •  Children’s Development and Delays
  •  Diabetes Education and Assessment
  •  Checking of blood flow and nerve function to feet
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Chronic Disease

  •  Healthy Eating & Nutrition to Manage Healthy Weight
  •  Diabetes Education and Management
  •  Strategies and Exercise to help with Neurological Conditions
  •  Women’s health Issues
  •  Men's Health Issues
  •  Strategies and Treatments to help manage pain
  •  Child Developmental Assessment
  •  Swallowing difficulties 
  •  Breathing Concerns & Issues
  •  Communicating with a hearing impairment
  •  Cardiovascular disease
  •  Changing Behaviours to Improve Health
  •  Verbal communication issues 
  •  Arthritis
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Mental Health

  •  Psychological Therapy for: 
  •  Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Exercise to Support Good Mental Health
  •  Nutrition to Support Good Mental Health
  •  Improving Verbal communication
  •  Social Skill Development
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Children and Adolescents

  •  Parent support groups
  •  Developmental Assessment and Treatment
  •  Speech and language Issues 
  •  Learning difficulties
  •  Assessment of posture and physical activity

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